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About company

About company

The production of accordions in Louny has more than a hundred years of history. In 1894, Mr. Josef Hlaváček began to produce the first Czech heligons, in which the voices of Dix Gera played. In 1949, voices were produced in Louny, which were mainly used for school instruments. For higher quality instruments, voices were imported from Italian manufacturers. In 1984, a completely new factory was built, in which voices were produced for the entire production of accordions and accordions, produced by the company Delicia in Hořovice.

In 1999, a fundamental change takes place. The Titlbach family takes over the entire company and changes the entire production program. With new findings in the technology of precision cutting, profile grinding, electroerosive wire machining, semi-automatic tuning, research and development, and especially the experience and qualifications of the entire work team, everything is directed towards one goal, to produce voices for all accordions and accordions, in all price relationships and quality classes.


Contact information

Phone: +420 415 627 588
Fax: +420 415 652 453
ID: 25036441
VAT: CZ25036441



Poděbradova 2506
440 01 Louny
Czech Republic


Working hours

monday - friday
6.00 - 15.00

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